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J-LAGG Testimonial
"As a NASA Space Grant Graduate Student Research Assistant at the University of Michigan, I developed five separate study units using the J-LAGG Simulation. These study units covered a wide range of topics in aerospace, physics, and chemistry. After conducting several NASA programs, I noticed that J-LAGG Simulation made an immediate and sustained impression on every elementary, middle, and high school student. Not only could the students work the study units on their own computer, they could work with a partner. In addition, I could facilitate group presentations on an overheard projector screen and reward students for their participation. J-LAGG Simulation is a powerful tool! I unhesitatingly recommend it to any instructor looking for ways to improve their educational programs."

-- Phil Wills, NASA Space Grant
Graduate Student Research Assistant
University of Michigan

"I used the J-LAGG Simulation process to develop several Study Units on the Organ Systems of the Human Body. Content material was easily converted into computer software using J-LAGG. This software greatly enhanced student's motivation and retention of key concepts and terms. I especially liked using the J-LAGG Simulation process because it allowed me to present subject matter in a new, exciting way and because J-LAGG was so easy to use."

-- Joel Brandel Ubly Community Schools

"The J-LAGG Simulator worked well in the classroom setting. Students enrolled in a graduate course in "Counseling Children" could actively view the large screen from a projection device and interact with the author of the Study Unitin real time. The computer disk was provided upon request for further study and review at home or library. Learning was enriched and grades were elevated."

-- H. Mike Kanitz, Professor Central Michigan University

"A versatile computer-based teaching tool developed by a Central Michigan University professor is receiving worldwide exposure because it presents information to students in innovative ways."

-- Midland Daily News - March 31, 1995

"NASA's Michigan Space Grant Consortium has selected C-Worthy Corporation for software services in educational lessons."

-- Dr. J. G. Eisley, Project Director University of Michigan

"Incorporation of the J-LAGG simulation process into my training program designs allows me to replicate my message and gives my trainess individualized and customized instruction. J-LAGG results in accelerated learning, learning reinforcement, and a programmed understanding for my trainees. It provides each learner with the needed understanding, which was previously, before J-LAGG, the missing component of the educational/training model."

-- Maryann Frederick, Ph.D. Corporate Trainer

"Well finally something completely different!
What you get... This demo shows you how the program will look after you program it to do the learning process that you would wish to teach.
... Results in your teaching are what you are interested in. The screen has a number of panels with the questions that you want answers to, by clicking on them the student gets the answer.
There are a number of applications for this type of software. One that I can think of is that you can make learning tutorials for sale. Of course another is for supplementing classroom instruction.
Take a look at the demo. You might just get inspired and have a whole new business."

-- Joe Tex, Software Reviewer


Historically, a group of middle school students working with graduate student mentors, created a series of Study Units. The academic content closely followed the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) standards. Student-to-student sharing of the finished product provided the entire class with a tutorial prior to MEAP Testing. Overhead projection of the Matrix with learners making choices and receiving immediate feedback causes excitement in learning! Place three in a group and the dynamics triple as they debate the answers before making a selection.

Example Middle School Study Units: (Not For Sale At This Time)

  • English, Adventure Stories, Metrics, Geometry, Human Body, Geography, Study Skills, Ecology, Black History
  • Great Lake States, Southeast States, Plains States, Pacific States, Mountain States, Northeast States
  • Waves, Starlife, Plants, Machines, Scientific Process, Rocks and Minerals, Planet Earth
  • Skeletal System, Muscular System, Digestive System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Integumentary System, Urinary System, Endocrine System, Reproductive System, Nervous System
  • Kingdom Animalia, Worms, Fishes, Mammals, Sponges, Birds, Mollusks, Arthropods, Amphibians, Reptiles


When you author a Study Unit or Tutorial that you consider ready and marketable, you may share it with C-Worthy developers. If your creation meets the industry standards, it will be included in our library. The J-LAGG Library will be added to our Facebook and announced to the world of foursquare. Your Study Unit or Turorial will be listed for 90 days along with your email address. Those interested in purchasing the software will contact you personally and you can set the price and make the sale.


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