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Introducing the J-LAGG Simulator
C-Worthy Corporation presents a breakthrough in the authoring and learning systems. Only a limited number of computer-aided instructional presentations can be called simulations. Most computer models are really games rather than simulations because they are neither accurate nor complete reproductions of the author's message. Simulation allows the learner to study diverse situations without actually creating them. Simulation also allows us to put learners in varying and inappropriate situations without entering the real world.

How does this new and unique technique differ from almost all other computer-aided instructional methods? Using the components of the J-LAGG Simulator, the learner can operate it, see it, or play with it. The J-LAGG Simulator places facts in a framework of understanding. This is not programmed learning; this simulation is programmed comprehension, the missing link in communication.

The J-LAGG Simulator provides a new process by which the learner will reproduce the original message of the author. The "J" represents the intuitive JUMP that the brain or thought process makes in combining bits of information to form a whole. It is this accelerated process, this JUMP in thought, that brings excitement to learning.

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