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The Computer Program
The J-LAGG Simulator Process
Simulation is not programmed instruction. It is not a multiple choice system. The learner does not respond in a specified way. Responses are reinforced by immediate knowledge of results. While the Simulator does present a skillfully planned and organized tutorial session in which the author leads the learner toward objectives, it is not simply programmed learning. The J-LAGG Simulator provides programmed comprehension! The J-LAGG Simulator programs the process by which the learner interacts with the author.

You determine the length of each section. Any discipline may be offered to a learner at any level (i.e., 3rd grade mathematics, college chemistry, language, sales training, etc.). Few limitations exist for the J-LAGG Simulator. Films, videos, pictures, textbooks, chapters, etc., may be involved. All simulations are constructed and designed to allow you to field-test for clarity.

The J-LAGG PLUS Customized Training and Educational Software
Precise Learning and Understanding Systems (PLUS) are used in conjunction with the J-LAGG EDITOR. You develop your own data base and copyright it for sale.

Adding a PLUS gives you the ability to draw upuon a vast array of professionally developed materials. Training Tutorials for the Business-Industrial Complex and Study Units for academic pursuits are only a portion of the extensive interactive software that may be developed.

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